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Description Of Our Services hosts an online repository for Information Capsules ("InfoCapsules"): dedicated storage compartments within your account.

Our onsite tools automatically create a unique permanent link—in Quick Response Code ["QRC"] format—to an updatable formatted display page within each InfoCapsule.

The information a user posts on their InfoCapsule Display Page becomes accessible on demand by scanning the portable QR Code via a QR Reader App on a SmartPhone. Optionally, the InfoCapsule ID may be entered either manually or via dictation on a SmartPhone by selecting the Enter ID Option.

Personalize Your QRC Link

Users may personalize their QRC Links by framing them with one of the glyphs from our onsite Glyph Gallery to create a custom InfoAvatar; essentially creating a persona for the link that characterizes the application category: Business, Emergency, Travel, Pet, or General Information.

Create Multiple InfoCapsules

Users are invited to create multiple InfoCapsules—for each application category, for every member of their family—within their InfoLinkQR Account.

Sign Up Process

To take advantage of our free service, you must Sign Up by providing your Email Address and a Password. You are invited to Sign Up by visiting our Sign Up Page.

To preview the process, proceed to the next section, below: Using Our Service, Step-By-Step.

Using Our Service, Step-By-Step
Step 1: Sign Up

To become a Registered User, visit our Sign Up Page. The SignUp Process prompts you to enter your Email Address and a Password. Your Email Address will become your Username. If you prefer another Username, or have multiple InfoLinkQR Accounts, the system will prompt you for a unique Username during the SignUp Process.

Step 2: Create an InfoCapsule
  1. Navigate to: Account>Manage Capsules>Create New Capsule and provide a name for your new Information Capsule.
  2. Enter desired information into the optional fields within the InfoCapsule.
  3. Click Update Capsule to record your information.

NOTE: You may create an "empty" InfoCapsule and then record information as needed. For example, you might want to add a link to a photo of a lost pet, or record temporary contact information while traveling.

Once you create your Information Capsule, the URL that provides a direct permanent link to only the display page within that Information Capsule is encoded into QR Code ("QRC") format via our on-site QRC Generator, and then displayed within the View InfoAvatar section of your Information Capsule.

Step 3: Download
  1. Navigate to Account>Manage Capsules>Download InfoAvatar.
  2. Determine the desired size (Small or Medium) for the QR Code associated with the Information Capsule.
  3. Select a glyph from the Glyph Gallery and combine it with your QR Code, to create an InfoAvatar.
  4. Click the Download Button next to the desired size of the InfoAvatar.
  5. Save the downloaded InfoAvatar file (.pdf or .png format) on your computer, with your other image files, or immediately print the image file.
  6. Affix the printed InfoAvatar to a personal accessory you carry with you at all times.

Proceed to the Sign Up Page to get started.